The Prophet 'Isa ibn Maryam (Part-3)



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The miracles  of the Messiah
Allah granted the Messiah Prophethood and revelation. He gave him the Gospel and supported him with the Holy Spirit and wonderful miracles. Alla.h gave him healing for the sick whom the doctors had failed to cure. He healed people who had been blind from birth, and the lepers, and brought the dead to life by the permission of Allah. He shaped clay into something like the form of a bird, and then breathed into it and it became a bird by the permission of Allah. He told people what they had eaten and what they had stored up in their houses.

All of this restored trust and belief in the miracles of the Messengers and the reports of divine power contained in the Torah. But those who rejected the reality of Divine Power and the force of the Will of the Lord rose up. They declared that there could be nothing new and nothing beyond the worldly knowledge they already possessed.

'Isa's call to true religion and the Jews' rejection of him
'Isa uncovered the lies of the Jews in many of the matters that they had dreamed up and practised. They made unlawful what Allah had made lawful and lawful what Allah had made unlawful. 'Isa began to call them to the spirit and heart of true religion, to its basis and inward reality, to the love of Allah which comes before every other love, to mercy and respect for mankind, and to charity towards the poor. He called them to pure belief in God and dismissed all the ignorant customs and false beliefs which had crept into the religion of the Prophets.

The Jews oppose 'Isa
Isa's teaching proved unbearable to the Jews. They became hostile to him. They poured blame on him, and taunted him with suspicions and slander. They used curses and foul words against him. They slandered his mother, Maryam the Virgin. They attacked him, aroused the rabble against him and ridiculed his teachings.

The story of 'Isa in the Qur'an
Then the Jews sought to kill 'Isa and be rid of him, but Allah protected him and turned their plots back aga.inst them. He raised him to Himself and honoured him. Read the story in the Qur'an:

When the angels said: 'Maryam Allah gives you the good news of a word from Him. His nameis Messiah' 'lsa the son of Maryam, noteworthy in this world and in the Hereafter, one of those brought near. He will speak to people in the cradle and when he is an adult. He is one of the righteous.'

She said:'My Lord! How can I have a son when no man has touched me? He said: 'Just like that. Allah creates whatever He wills. When He decrees something, He only says to it "Be!" and it is. He will teach him the Book, the vvisdom, the Torah and the Gospel, and he will be a Messenger to the Children of Israel.'

'I have brought you a sign from your Lord. I will form for you out of clay something similar to the form of a bird and I will breathe into it and it will become a bird by Allah's permission. I will heal the blind from birth and the leper and I will bring the dead back to life by the permission of Allah and tell you what you eat and what you store up in your houses. There is a sign for you in that if you are believers. I confirm what is before me of the Torah and to make lawful for you some of what was unlawful for you. I have brought you a sign from your Lord. So fear Allah and obey me. Allah is my Lord and your Lord, so worship Him. This is a straight path.'

When 'Isa sensed rejection in them, he said: 'Who are my helpers to Allah? The disciples said: 'We are the helpers of Allah. We believe in Allah. We testify that we are those who submit (to Him). Our Lord, we believe in what You have sent down. We follow the Messenger, so write us down among the witnesses!' (Those who rejected) plotted and Allah plotted. Allah is the best of plotters.

When Allah said: "lsa. I will take you and raise you up to Me and purify you from those who have rejected. I will place those who follow you above those who have rejected until the Day of Judgement. Then you (all) will return to Me and I will judge between you regarding that about which you used to differ. Those who reject, will punish them with a terrible punishment in this world and the Next World. They will have no helpers.'

Those who believe and do good deeds willbe given their wages in full. Allah does not love the wrong-doers. That is what We recite to you of the signs and Wise Reminder.

The example of 'lsa in the sight of Allah is as the example of Adam. He created him from earth and then He said to him, 'Be!' and he was. The truth is from your Lord. Do not be one of the doubters. '(3: 45-60)

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