The Prophet 'Isa ibn Maryam (Part-7)



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The law at that time
The law at that time demanded that the condemned man be made to carry the cross on which he was to be crucified. The place of execution was a long way off. A crowd gathered, pushing against each other. The soldiers had no interest in the case. The Israelites all looked alike to them, they could not distinguish one from the other. It was evening and the shadows had lengthened. Some of the Jews and zealous fools among the young men were making fun of the Messiah. They were pushing him, cursing him, insulting him, keen to injure and humiliate him.

'Isa endures the injury
The Messiah was weary, exhausted by the effort and the length of time he had to stand in the court and the injuries he had to endure. The cross he carried was heavy. He could only go slowly.

Divine management
Then the soldier in charge of the procession commanded a young Israelite, who was the most zealous, the most foolish, the one most eager to injure and attack the Messiah, to carry the cross. The soldier wanted the whole business speedily resolved, to be free of the burdensome responsibility.

But it was a likeness of him  
When the procession reached the place of execution, the gallows guard came forward to take charge of the condemned man from the city guard. They saw the young man carrying the cross. In the confusion, with the young men pushing and shouting, they seized hold of the man carrying the cross, thinking that he was the one condemned to be crucified. He was yelling and shouting, declaring that he was innocent and had nothing to do with the sentence. He had been made to carry the cross by force. The Roman solcliers paid no attention to him. They did not understand his dialect.

Carrying out the sentence
Every criminal claims that he is innocent of his crime. Every criminal shouts and cries out. The guards seized the young Israelite and carried out the sentence. The Jews were standing at a distance. Night was falling and everything was in darkness. They all thought that the crucified man was the Messiah.

'Isa was raised to heaven
As for the Prophet 'Isa, the son of Maryam, Allah the Exalted saved him from the plots of the Jews and raised him up to Himself, honoured him and purified him of those who had rejected.

The Qur'an recounts the story
These are Allah's words about the Jews:

'For their disbelief and uttering great slander against Maryam and their saving. "We killed the Messiah 'lsa son of Maryam, the Messenger of Allah. " But they did not kill him nor crucify him, but only a likeness ofthat was shown to them. Those who disagreed about him are in doubt about him. They have no knowledge about him, only following conjectures. They did not truly kill him. Allah raised him to Himself. Allah is Mighty, the Wise.'(4: 156)

He is in the heavens as Allah the Exalted, Who has the power to do anything He wills, willed him to be. His birth was a marvel, as were his life and everything about him. From first to last, he was a marvel, a miracle to confirm absolute Divine Power.

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