The Gift (Part-4)



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"Well Mr. Imran Hakim, I guess we have a deal here".
"Yes, indeed". Imran shook hands with Mr. Chow, the representative from the company that KS Holding was trying to get a business contract with. "I'll make sure the paperwork is done by this week. We'll give you a call when we can finally seal the deal, Mr. Chow". Mr. Chow and his assistant asked to leave and Imran walked them to the door. Later he picked up the phone.

"Assalamualaikum, Iskandar. Hey, it's finally done. We got the contract", Imran told his brother.
"Alhamdulillah…good! Congratulations, big brother!".

"C'mon, Iskandar I could not have done it alone. We both did a good usual. Alhamdulillah". They both laughed. "Hey, let me buy you lunch!", Imran asked.

"Oops, I can't. I've promised Marina. We have a lunch date today. Her mother is looking after the kids. But I'll take a rain check, bro".

"Well...okay. Say salam to Marina". They hung up. Imran looked at his watch. It was almost 12 noon. He promised to call his mother about her doctor appointment. Just about then the telephone rang.

"Assalamualaikum pal, want to grab some lunch", Umar said at the other end of the line.

"Great! I thought I'd have mine alone. See you at the usual place...say in about half an hour, In sha Allah. I need to make a quick call first", Imran replied.

"See you then, In sha Allah. Assalamualaikum".
Imran dialed his home number and Saleha picked up the phone. She knew her son would be calling at this time.

"So, how was the appointment, Mom?", Imran asked his mother.
"Oh...Alhamdulillah…everything's fine. I've a clean bill of health, dear".
"I'm glad Mom, Alhamdulillah. Oh, I think I'm coming home early today. I was thinking may be I could take you out to dinner tonight...a date, mom". Saleha chuckled.

"Hmm…a dinner date... What's the occasion?", Saleha teased her eldest son.
"Hey, does it have to be an occasion to take my own mother out to dinner?".
"Well, dear, for the past three months you've been staying late at the office. I forgot the last time we went out together with the family".
"Actually, our company got a new business contract today. Alhamdulillah. I've been working for two months to get it. Now that it's ours, I'm taking a break. So, what do you say, mom?"
Saleha laughed and agreed. "Alhamdulillah, dear. Okay, but Imran, one day you have to find a real date, you know...".
"Okay mom....I'll talk to you later, In sha Allah", Imran said abruptly with a small laugh. They hung up but both knew that they had just touched on the most avoidable topic.

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