The Prophet(SM) Companions Recall His Qualities



The character of the Prophet as remembered by his Companions, radi Allahu 'enhutn:

Anas ibn Malik said that the Prophet Muhammad (SM) was of medium build and had a noble bearing. He had slightly curly hair and a fair complexion.

Ibrahim ibn Muhammad ibn Ali ibn Abi Talib said that the Prophet was more liberal-minded than most meno e was gentle by nature and always spoke the truth. He was always very courteous to others. Those who came to know him soon grew to love and respect him.

Hasan ibn 'Ali, the grandson of the Prophet, said that he asked his uncle, Hind ibn Abu Hala about the Prophet(SM) appearance and behaviour. Hind ibn Abu Hala told him that the Prophet was of medium height, he walked softly but firmly and leaning slightly forward. His eyes were usually directed more towards the ground than to the sky, but he looked straight at a thing with a firm gaze. He made his Companions walk in front of him and was the first to greet another Muslim.

Jabir ibn Samura said: 'The Prophet of Allah had a wide mouth. His eyes were of light brown hue and his  heels had little flesh. I saw the Prophet on a moonlit night.  He had a red cloak over his body and I looked attentively in turn towards him and the moon. He certainly appeared to me to be more beautiful than the moon itself.'

Sa'id al-Jurayri related that he heard Abu Tufayl saving that he had seen the Prophet of Allah. When Salid asked him about the Prophet (SM) appearance, he replied that the Prophet had a fair complexion, was handsome and had a moderate temper.

Abu Bakr said to the Prophet that it was strange that he appeared older than he really was. The Prophet replied that some verses in the Qur'an described the Day of Resurrection and, because of his anxiety about the fate of mankind, this had made him appear older.   

Abu Salid al-Khudri said that when the Prophet of Allah wore a new garment he would praise Allah Who had given him the garment and pray also for the purity of the clothes.

Samura ibn Iundub related that the Prophet said: 'Wear white c1othes; verily they are very pure and c1ean; and shroud your dead in white.

Abu Hurayra narrated that the Prophet said: 'When anyone amongst you puts on shoes, he should begin with the right foot. When he removes his shoes, he should start with the left one so that the right one is last.'

'A'isha said that in his personal habits, such as combing his hair, putting on his shoes and performing ablutions, the Prophet would always begin from the right.

Abu Hurayra said that he had never seen anything more beautiful than the Prophet. The SUI1 seemed to shine from his face and he walked so quickly thatthe Companions sometimes could not keep up with him.

Ibrahim ibn Muhammad, a descendant of 'Ali ibn Abi Talib, said that when 'Ali described the Prophet, he used to say that he walked as if he were going down a hill.

Abdur Rahman ibn Abu Bakr narrated, on the authority of his father, that the Prophet asked whether he would inform them about the greatest sins. The Prophet said that the worst sins were setting up rivals to Allah and disobedience to parents. He also said that not to tell the truth was also one of the greatest sins.

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