Sin Leads to trouble



Hamid and Nasir were both fruit vendors, They were 'also good friends and lived in the same locality, Both were very honest too. But this Ramadhaan was a different case. Since fruits are in great demand during the holy month of Ramadhaan, Hamid saw a chance to mint money. He started charging three times more money than the discounted rates announced 'for Ramadhaan by the government. Nasir was very worried about HamLd's wrong thinking. After the Friday Salat he told Hamid,

"Friend, there is contentment and peace in Halaal earning, there is trouble and restlessness in Haraam earning. I have come to know that you are charging a lot this Ramadhaan. What is wrong with you? Ramadhaan is a month of blessings, you should not charge exorbitant rates as Allah (STW) does nor like this.'

Hamid replied,"Nasir you know everyone does the same. If I don't charge more, how will 1 survive? You understand well that I have a family to feed." Nasir said, "If others are charging more and you ask for the right price* more people will come and buy form you/' But Hamid started arguing to whuch Nasir did not say anything more but prayed that may Allah 3£S31? guide his friend to the true path.

Finally Ramadhaan was over, Hamid was very happy because he had collected seven rhousand rupees. He started off to buy clothes for his children from Tariq Road. But on the way a taxi hit 'him. All his happiness vanished in a moment. On the morning of Eid he was lying in a hospital and could not even go for Eid Salat. When on the fourth day of Eid he was discharged, the seven thousand were already spent.

Allah (STW) &J opened up Hamid's eyes. Now he realised, that Nasir had told him the truth. All his haraam income went to waste. He repented sincerely and resolved never to charge more than the right amount. He went to Nasir's home and thanked him,

"Nasir my friend, you were right and I should have listened to you.
Now I shall never do this again.

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