Ebrahim ibn Adham (Part-10)



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"'With such self-denial, I suspect you are Ebrahim-e Adham,' the owner said.
"When I heard these words, I departed from that place."
"One night," Ebrahim related, 'I saw Gabriel in a dream come down to earth out of heaven with a scroll in his hand.

"'What do you want?' I asked.
"'I am writing down the names of the friends of God,' Gabriel replied.
"'Write down my name,' I said.
"'You are not of them,' Gabriel answered.

"'I am a friend of the friends of God,' I rejoined.

"Gabriel pondered for a while. Then he said, "'The command has come. Inscribe Ebrahim's name the first of all. For on this Path hope materializes out of despair.'"

Ebrahim was travelling in the desert one day when he was accosted by a soldier.
"What are you?" the soldier asked.
"A servant," replied Ebrahim.
"Which is the way to habitation?" asked the soldier.
Ebrahim pointed to the graveyard.

"You are making fun of me," shouted the soldier, lashing out at Ebrahim's head. His head was broken, and the blood gushed forth.

The soldier put a rope round Ebrahim's neck and dragged him along. People from the nearby town coming that way stopped at the spectacle.
"Ignoramus, this is Ebrahim-e Adham, the friend of God," they cried.
The soldier fell at Ebrahim's feet and implored him to pardon him and acquit him of the wrong he had done him.
"You told me you were a servant," he pleaded.
"Who is there who is not a servant?" Ebrahim replied.
"I broke your head, and you prayed for me," said the soldier.

"I prayed that you might be blessed for the way you treated me," was Ebrahim's answer. "My reward for the way you treated me was Paradise, and I did not wish that your reward should be Hell."

"Why did you direct me to the cemetery when I asked the way to habitation?" the soldier asked.
"Because every day the graveyard becomes more thronged, and the city more deserted," answered Ebrahim.

Once Ebrahim passed by a drunkard. His mouth was foul, so he fetched water and washed the drunkard's mouth.
"Do you leave foul the mouth that has mouthed the name of God? That is irreverence!" Ebrahim said to himself.
"The ascetic of Khorasan washed your mouth," they told the man when he woke.

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