Ebrahim ibn Adham (Part-12)



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I know that Thou art all-powerful, and Thou knowest that I shall not be deluded by this. Give me water, that I may make my ablution.

Once Ebrahim was going on the pilgrimage in company.
"Not one of us has a camel or any provisions," said his fellow-pilgrims.
"Rely on God to provide for you," Ebrahim told them.

Then he added, "Look at those trees! If it is gold that you desire, they will be turned to gold."
All the acacias had turned to gold by the Power of Almighty God.
One day Ebrahim was travelling with a party when they came to a fort. Before the fort was much brushwood.
"We will pass the night here," they said. "There is plenty of brushwood, so we can make a fire."
They kindled a fire and sat in the light of the flames.
All ate dry bread, whilst Ebrahim stood in prayer.
"If only we had some hallowed meat to roast on this fire," said one.
Ebrahim finished his prayer. Then he said, "God is certainly able to give you hallowed meat."
Saying this, he stood once more in prayer.

Immediately came the roar of a lion. They watched as a lion approached dragging a wild ass. They took the ass, roasted it and ate it, whilst the lion crouched there watching them.

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