The Gift (Part-19)



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"Umm, no thanks. I'm staying here a couple of days. Then I'm going back home to visit my family".
"Staying working full time? Syira, take a break!".
"Don't worry...I don't plan to kill myself working hard”, Syakirah laughed and continued, “ I'm staying because I want to prepare some teaching stuffs for after the break".

"Well, if you change your mind, just let me know. You could come with us and come back earlier than us".
"Thanks". They heard Syakirah's phone ring. She left to answer it. A few minutes later Syakirah came back to Yasmin's office.

"That was Maria. She's coming to KL for a holiday and guess what? Her auntie is meeting her here".
"And they want to see you, right? Is Mr. Imran's mother coming with her Auntie?"
"Yeah...that's what I don't like about this visit. I missed Maria's wedding, so, when she said they're coming I thought I could treat her and her husband something special. But...she mentioned about this other thing, suddenly I have a feeling I'm not going to like this whole visit".

"Well, I don't know what to say except I hope it'll turn out for the best".
"What best?...for whom? or them?"
"For everyone", Yasmin answered teasingly

Saleha woke up early in the morning. After Fajr prayer she and her helper, Mak Jah, were busy preparing Hidayat's favorite dishes. Imran came down for breakfast and saw all the food on the table.

"MasyaAllah… all these for Hidayat!...What about me?", Imran said jokingly. His mother just laughed.
"Well, I'm not sure what to cook. He said he misses home breakfast so much. I figured I'll just cook the ones that he likes".

"Which are what....5 dishes? Mom, you don't think Hidayat can finish all these, do you? These are more than enough for our whole family", Imran said and sat for breakfast. They both laughed and ate. They had almost done eating when they heard the door bell. Mak Jah went to open it. It was Hidayat. Mak Jah told him his mother was in the kitchen. He told Mak Jah to keep quiet. He went straight to the kitchen.

"Assalamualaikum!", he greeted his mother and brother. They were a little surprised and answered his salam.
"We knew you'd be late, so we started without you. But you know Mom…she only ate a little. She wanted to enjoy the food with you", Imran said to his brother. Saleha smiled at both of them. Hidayat walked to his mother, kissed her hands and gave her a hug. He did the same with Imran before moving to sit next to Saleha.

"Well, that's because Mom really misses eating with me, right mom? See...she cooked all my favorites", Hidayat replied sounding like a little boy. They all laughed.

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