Nabi Saulih (A) (Part-3)



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The Punishment Over Thamood
The initial signs of the punishment started appearing from day break of the next day. The first day all their faces went yellow just as happens in the initial stages of intense fear. The morning of the next day their faces turned red as if that was the second stage of fear. The next day their faces appeared blackened and darkness were strewn across their faces. This was the third stage of fear, after which only death awaits.  

After these three days the appointed time had arrived and at night a frightful noise was heard which destroyed the life of every one as they were. The Qur'an refers to this noise as "Sau'iqah" (crashing thunder) and at another place called it "Raa'jifah" (which causes on earthquake), and somewhere else as "Tau'qhiyah" (freight-ful) and somewrhere else a "Sayhah" (a shout).  

At one place this punishment descended upon Thamood and at the same time destroyed its inhabitants and their habitation, dealing with the pride and arrogance of the evildoers and at another place Nabi Saulih and the believers were saved and protected.

Warning and Admonition
This has been the Sunnat of Allah (SWT). However from this Surnat the Message of our Nabi Muhammad (SM) has been excepted. This is so because Rasulullah (SM) had declared: "I have prayed to Allah not to send such a punishment over my Ummat which will be general. And Allah has accepted this plea of mine." The Qur'an confirms it thus:

"But Allah will not send on their a general penalty while you was among them." (5:33)
However, the Nation or people who demands a special sign from Allah on this condition that if that sign appears among them then they will believe, and afterwards still fail to believe, their destruction is a matter of certainty and Allah (SWT) will not pardon them until such time that they repent and then accept Allah's deen. Otherwise the punishment will destroy them and they will become an example to others to come afterwards.

This is a great mistake to think that a man in wealthy circumstances, enjoying worldly grandeur and high rank is a person enjoying Allah's favours and that his wealthy position is necessarily a sign of Allah(SWT) pleasure.

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