Sahl ibn Abd Allah al-Tostari (Part-4)



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Anecdotes of Sahl
Amr-e Laith fell sick, so that all the physicians were powerless to treat him.
"Is there anyone who can pray for a cure?" it was asked.
"Sahl is such a man whose prayers are answered," came the reply.
His help was therefore invoked. Having in mind God's command to "obey those in authority" he responded to the appeal.

"Prayer," he stated when he was seated before Amr, "is effective only in the case of one who is penitent. In your prison there are men wrongfully detained."
Amr released them all, and repented.

"Lord God," prayed Sahl, "like as Thou hast shown to him the abasement due to his disobedience, so now display to him the glory gained by my obedience. Like as Thou hast clothed his inward parts with the garment of repentance, so now clothe his outward parts with the garment of health."

As soon as Sahl had uttered this prayer, Amr-e Laith recovered his health completely. He offered Sahl much money, but this he declined, and left his presence.

"If you had accepted something," objected one of his disciples, "so that we might have applied it to discharging the debt we have incurred, would that not have been better?"
"Do you need gold? Then look!" replied Sahl.

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