Hazrat Ibraheem (A) (Part-18)



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3. Ibraheem (A) statement regarding Hazrat Sara:
The third incident concerns a Hadith by Abu Hurairah (Ra). When Nabi Ibraheem (A) passed  through Egypt, he said to Hazrat Sara (Ra) before entering Egypt that the King is a greatly unjust tyrant. When he sees any beautiful women, he takes her away by force, if her companion is her husband, he has him killed; but if the companion is some other relative, he pays no attention to him. He said to her: "You are my Deeny sister and in this land apart torm you and me there are no other Muslims.

"So tell him I am your brother."

And so it happened. That night when the King desired to truth her with the aim of evil, his hand became paralysed and he could not touch her. He then told her: "Pray to your god to restore my hand to hill health. And I will set you free."

Hazrat Sara (Ra) made Du'a but once again he desired to touch her with the intention of evil. But again his hand became paralysed. The same story happened for a third time and he said: It seems you are a 'Jinri not a human being.

Take her away from here."And then gave a young-girl. Hazrat Hajira to take with. When Hazrat Sara (Ra) reached Ibraheem (A), he asked her  what happened and Hazrat Sara (Ra) congratulated him and said:  "All praise to Allah who saved us from such an evil-doing badman who also sent you a bonds maiden as a gift.

This is the story as it appears in various Hadith books. Maulana Hifzur Rahman after discussing the story in detail and then conclude thus: "To have a truthful tongue is a necessary guilty of all Prophets and is very essential for the sinless ness (Ismat) of a Prophet. And now that the Qur'an has mentioned the special high qualities of Nabi Ibraheem (A) so how is it that something which out wardly resembles 'untruth' can be attributed to him?

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