Hazrat Ibraheem (A) (Part-23)



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In any case Nabi Ibraheem (A) question was not that he feared that a promise made to him was being broken. It was as a result of a natural inner demand, which even if the results were not able to be changed, yet it points towards the good qualities and the noble character of the questioner.

Then Allah said to him: "If you want to observe the process, then take a few birds and cut them into pieces and place those pieces on yonder mountain then take up position away from them and call them to you.

Nabi Ibraheem (A) did as Allah commanded. When he called them, the pieces of the birds came together into their separate bodies and came alive flying towards Ibraheem (A) (2:260)

Nabi Ibraheem (A) Children
At the time of the birth of Ibraheem (A) eldest son Ismail (A), his age was 86 years and when his other son Ishaaq (A) was born his age was once hundred years.

Apart from Hazrat Sara and Hazrat Hajira, Ibraheem (A) married a third wife from whom he had six sons. Their off spring were named after their mother and they were called Bani Qatoora. It is said that Nabi Ibraheem (A) age was 175.

He died and was buried in Hebron near Jerusalem.

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