Abo 'l-Qasem al-Jonaid (Part-8)



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"I woke in terror," Jonaid recollected. "I purified myself and said two rak'as, then I went out to search for the beggar. I saw him on the bank of the Tigris, picking out of the water scraps of vegetables people had washed there and eating them. Raising his head, he saw me approaching and addressed me. 'Jonaid,' he said, 'have you repented of the thoughts you had concerning me?' 'I have,' I replied. 'Then go. It is He Who accepts repentance from His servants.This time keep a watch over your thoughts.'"

"I learned sincere belief from a barber," Jonaid recalled, and he told the following story.

Once when I was in Mecca, a barber was trimming a gentleman's hair. I said to him, "For the sake of God, can you shave my hair?"

"I can," he said. His eyes filling with tears, he left the gentleman still unfinished.
"Get up," he said. "When God's name is spoken, everything else must wait."
He seated me and kissed my head, and shaved off my hair. Then he gave me a screw of paper with a few small coins in it.

"Spend this on your needs," he said.
I thereupon resolved that the first present that came my way I would give him in charity. Not long afterwards a bag of gold arrived from Basra. I took it to the barber.

"What is this?" he asked.
"I made up my mind," I explained, "that the first present that came my way I must give to you. This has just arrived."

"Man," he exclaimed, "have you no shame before God? You said to me, 'For the sake of God, shave my hair.' Then you give me a present. Have you ever known of anyone doing a deed for the sake of God and taking payment for it?"

A thief had been hanged in Baghdad. Jonaid went and kissed his feet.
"Why did you do that?" he was asked.
"A thousand compassions be upon him!" he replied. "He proved himself a true man at his trade.
He did his work so perfectly, that he gave his life for it."

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