Abo 'l-Qasem al-Jonaid (Part-9)



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One night a thief entered Jonaid's room. Finding nothing there but a shirt, he took that and fled. Next day Jonaid was passing through the bazaars when he saw his shirt in the hands of a broker who was selling it to a customer.

"I require an acquaintance who will testify that it is your property, before I buy it," the prospective purchaser said.
"I am ready to testify that it belongs to him," said Jonaid, stepping forward.
The man then bought the shirt.

An old woman came to Jonaid and said, "My son is missing. Say a prayer that he may return."
"Be patient," Jonaid told her.
The woman waited patiently for several days. Then she returned.
"Be patient," Jonaid repeated.

This happened several times. At last the old woman came and announced, "My patience is exhausted. Pray to God."

"If you speak the truth," said Jonaid, "your son has returned. God says, He who answers the constrained, when he calls unto Him."

Jonaid then offered up a prayer. When the woman returned to her house, her son had come.
A disciple formed the notion that he had attained the degree of perfection.
"It is better for me to be alone," he thought.

So he withdrew into a corner and sat there for a space. It so fell out that every night he was brought a camel and told, "We will convey you to Paradise." He would sit on the camel and ride until he arrived at a pleasant and cheerful spot thronged with handsome folk and abounding in choice dishes and running water.

There he would remain till dawn; then he would fall asleep, and awake to find himself in his cell. He now became proud and very conceited.
"Every night I am taken to Paradise," he would boast.

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