Amr ibn Othman (Part-1)



Abu 'Abd Allah 'Amr ibn 'Othman al-Makki, a disciple of al-Jonaid, visited Esfahan and died in Baghdad in 291 (904) or 297 (9I0).

Amr ibn Othman-e Makki and the Book of the Treasure
It is said that one day Amr ibn Othman-e Makki had written down on a sheet of paper a translation of the Book of the Treasure. He had put it under his prayer rug and gone to purify himself. While he was at his ablutions report reached him, and he sent his servant to recover the script. When the servant turned up the prayer rug he could not find the paper. He told his master.

"They have taken it and gone," said Amr ibn Othman. "The person who has taken that Book of the Treasure," he added, "will soon have his hands and feet cut off. He will be put on the gibbet, and burned, and his ashes will be scattered to the winds. He ought to have arrived at the Treasure, whereas he has stolen the Book of the Treasure."

Now these were the contents of the Book of the Treasure.
In the time when the spirit entered the bodily frame of Adam, God commanded all the angels to prostrate themselves. All lowered their heads to the ground. Iblis said, "I will not make prostration. I will gamble my life away, and I will see the secret, even though it may be that I shall be accursed and called rebel and sinner and hypocrite."

Iblis did not make prostration. So he saw and knew the secret of Man. Consequently none but Iblis is apprised of Man's secret, and none but Man knows the secret of Iblis. So Iblis became apprised of the secret of Man because he did not prostrate himself, so that he saw that he was preoccupied with beholding the secret.

Iblis was rejected by all, for they had exposed the Treasure to his eyes.
"We committed a Treasure to the earth," they said.
"The condition attached to the Treasure is this, that one person will see it, but they will cut off his head so that he may not betray it."

"In this grant me a respite," cried Iblis. "Do not slay me. But I am the Man of the Treasure. They exposed the Treasure to my eyes, and these eyes will not escape."

The Sword of I Care Not declared, "Thou art among the ones that are respited.We grant you respite, but We cause you to be held in suspicion. So if We do not destroy you, you will be suspect and a liar, and none will hold you to be a speaker of the truth. So they will say, He was one of the jinn, and committed ungodliness against his Lord's command."

He is Satan. How should he speak the truth?
Therefore he is accursed and rejected and abandoned and ignored.
This was the translation of the Book of the Treasure by Amr ibn Othman.

Amr ibn 'Othman on Love
Amr ibn 'Othman stated the following in his Book of Love.

Almighty God created the hearts seven thousand years before the souls, and He kept them in the Garden of Intimacy. He created the Secrets seven thousand years before the hearts, and kept them in the Degree of Union.

Every day God caused the souls to receive three hundred and sixty glances of Grace and to hear three hundred and sixty words of Love. Every day He manifested to the hearts three hundred and sixty delights of Intimacy. Every day He revealed Beauty three hundred and sixty times to the Secrets.

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