Snake Catcher and the Frozen Snake



A snake catcher went into the mountains to find a snake. 
He wanted a friendly pet and one that would amaze audiences with the purpose of using it for a show) but what he was looking forward to was a pet that was a reptile totally unable to be anyone's friend.

It was winter. In the deep snow he saw a frighteningty huge dead snake. He was afraid to touch it, but he did. In fact he draped the thing into Baghdad, hoping that people would pay to see it.

M Come and see the snake I killed, and hear the adventures!" That'* what he announced, and a large crowd came, but the snake was not dead.

Just dormant!
He set up his show at a crossroad. The ring of gawking people got thicker, everybody on their toes, men and women, noble and peasant, ill packed together unconscious of their differences. It was like the resurrection!

He began to unwind the thick ropes and remove the cloth coverings he'd wrapped it so well with.

The hot Iraqi sun had woken the snake and it started to move. The people standing nearest started screaming. Panic! The snake was set free, killing many instantly.

The snake catcher stood there, frozen. "What have I brought out of the mountains?" The snake braced against a post and crushed the man and consumed him.

The snake is your animal soul (nafs). When you bring it into the hot air of your wan ting- energy, warmed by that and by the prospect of power and wealth, it does massive damage.

Let it live in the snowy mountains and never stimulate it with your unbridled desires.

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