Salah ad-Deen al-Ayubi (Part-93)



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Abolishing sharia law
They waived all Islamic obligations for those who followed their call, whereby they would take them into a cellar and 'Ubayd-Allah would come in wearing an animal skin turned inside-out and crawling on all fours, saying "Bah" to them. Then he would let them out and explain these actions to them, "When I entered on all fours, what I meant by that was to teach you that you are like animals with nothing, no ablution, no prayer, no zakdh 411 no obligations at all; all of that is waived for you. As for the animal skin turned inside-out, what I meant by that was to teach you that religion has been turned upside-down. As for my saying 'Bah' to you, what I meant by that was to teach you that all things are permissible (in Arabic, mubdh) to you, including adultery, fornication, and drinking alcohol." 478

Forcing people to break the fast before the moon was sighted
They would often force the people to break the fast of Ramadan before the new moon of Shawwal was sighted.479 They would even kill anyone who issued a fatwa stating that there was to be no breaking of the fast until the new moon was sighted, as they did with the juristic scholar Ibn al Hubula, the Qadi of the city of Barqah. Adh-Dhahabi wrote in his biography:

The imam and martyr, the Qadi of the city of Barqah, Muhammad ibn al-Hubula. The Emir of Barqah came to him and said, "Tomorrow is Eid ." He said, "We should see the new moon (first); I will not tell the people to break the fast, and bear their sins." (The emir) said, "Instructions to that effect came in a letter from al-Mansoor." The view of the 'Ubaydis was that they should break the fast based on calculations, and should not pay any attention to the sighting of the moon. The moon was not sighted, but the next day the emir ordered that there be drums and banners and preparations for the Eid. The Qadi said, "I will not go out or pray (the Eid prayer)." So the emir ordered another man to deliver a khutbah481 and he wrote to al-Mansoor, telling him what had happened. Al-Mansoor ordered that the Qadi be brought to him. He went to him and (Al -Mansoor) said to him, "Change your mind and I will pardon you," but he refused. So he ordered that (the Qadi) be hung out in the sun until he died. He kept asking for water because he was thirsty but was not given any. Then they crucified him. May the curse of Allah be upon the wrongdoers482

Erasing all reminders of the Sunni caliphs
The rulers of the Fatimid state in the Maghreb strove to remove all reminders of the Sunni caliphs who had come before them. 'Ubayd -Allah issued orders that the names of the rulers who had built the fortresses and mosques be removed, and his name be put in their place. This Batini, Rafidi Shiite appropriated the endowment funds and the weaponry of the fortresses; he expelled the worshippers and Almoravids 483 from the castle of Ziyad alAghlabi and made it a storage facility for weapons484

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