Creation Of Adam



One day Shamim asked her grandmother, “Tell me Grandma, who made us? How did we come on this
Grandmother smiled sweetly and said, “Yes, my child, I will tell you. Listen to me carefully and patiently.”
She began:
“Many, many years ago, in fact thousands of years ago. There were water, trees, mountains, birds and
animals on this earth. But there was no man or woman.
At this time Allah created one human form. It was man's body. Then Allah made the body alive. He was
called Adam. Having created Adam, Allah commanded all his angels to bow down to it. All the angels
obeyed and bowed down. But one Jinn (who used to pray with the angels) and who was called Azazil,
did not do so. He stood erect against the order of his Master and Creator.
God asked him:
'Why did you disobey my order and did not bow down as commanded?'
Azazil proudly replied: 'Oh God, You made me from fire. Now you ask me to bow down to a body made
from clay and earth. I cannot belittle myself. That is why I will not bow down to Adam.'
The reply displeased Allah. For, all who are created by him are to obey His orders.
Azazil was sent out of heaven onto the earth. And from then on he was called Iblis and Satan.
Iblis before coming onto the earth begged Allah to look at his many years of prayers and obedience.
Allah asked him to ask for reward.
Iblis thought deeply. He felt that it was because of Adam that he was sent out of Heaven. (In fact it was
not Adam but the pride which had caused the downfall of Satan). So he thought that Adam was his
enemy. He decided to ask for life upto the Day of Resurrection. Allah granted him life upto a certain day.
It is the day of the Reappearance of our 12th Imam (a).
Having got such a long life, he vowed to misguide Adam and all his progeny on every possible way.
Hearing his determination, Allah told him that his scheme would be successful for only those men who
would be of evil thoughts and deeds. But he would never succeed against good people.”
“Oh, how bad of Iblis”, cried Shamim, “to think in such an evil way”.
''Can Iblis hurt us?”, asked Shamim.
“Yes,” replied Grandmother. “He can harm us by making bad things appear tempting to us. We must
always be careful”.

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