The Gift (Part-30)



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"Oh, Syira...of course it has everything to do with that. If you're a brave person like I've always known, you wouldn't want to run away from this. It's like being challenged and you have to fight. If they think they really can match make you and you think they're wrong, so prove it. Prove that you're not someone who they think they can match make. Prove that you have your own mind and don't like others to take care of things for you especially when it involves your future".

"Wow! Since when have you been so wise and philosophical...I mean about love and life?", teased Syakirah with a small laugh.
"Since I met and married Eddie!", responded Maria joining the laugh.
They both were laughing.
"Well, Eddie and you were not match made by your folks", Syakirah said.
"I know....but I'm still right...I mean about what I've just said, right?", Maria asked to confirmed her thought.
Syakirah sighed. "I don't know, Maria".
"You do, Syira".
Syakirah took a deep breath. "Okay, now that you've triggered the fighting part of me, I guess I'll take the challenge", Syakirah responded. She heard Maria chuckled in agreement.

"Good. I'll call you with the details tonight, In sha Allah. Is that okay? I know you don't want your parents to know yet".
"Hey, why don't I wait till you come home. We can meet at your folks' house, In sha Allah".
"I'm afraid not cuz Eddie and I, we've just decided to go to Penang tomorrow. So, we might stay for a while and we won't be home until Sunday, In sha Allah. And you'll be gone by then, right?"

"Yeah...well, just call me tonight In sha Allah, then".
"In sha Allah. Have a save flight home, In sha Allah!".
Syakirah was happy to be home. But it did not take long until her parents started asking her about Imran Hakim. Right after dinner they asked her about it. She told them about the meeting that weekend, but not the coming one. It was around 9.30 p.m. when Maria called her. She said the meeting was on Sunday at 3.30 at the coffeehouse of Hillview Hotel. Saleha, Imran and her aunt would first go to the college to drop Hidayat. Syakirah kept telling herself that it would be the last meeting as far as she was concerned. She told Maria she would bring Yasmin with her. She made Maria promise not to tell anyone about this meeting, not even Maria's mother. Syakirah knew her grandmother might ask Maria's mother after learning about the meeting with Saleha and Ani.

She visited her grandmother and as expected she was asked about the issue. She explained to her grandmother what she had told her parents. She made sure not to give a clue about the coming meeting. She went out with her sister, Nadhirah, one night and almost told her sister about it. She thought she wanted to share it with her since they were close but decided not to. After all, she was determined to make this coming meeting the last one she would ever have with Saleha and Imran. When it was done, this whole thing would end. And there would be nothing more to talk about. She just wanted to enjoy her holiday until Sunday came.

After breakfast, Hidayat helped Saleha with her orchid garden. They were talking when Imran walked to his car. Hidayat looked at his brother who seemed to be in a pensive mood. He walked to Imran. "Abang Imran, will you be home for lunch?", Hidayat asked his brother.

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Sister Nur Taqwa

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