How Adam and Hawwa Came on to the Earth



Shamim begged her Grandmother to answer the second part of her question. How did we come onto
this earth?
“Yes my child” said Grandmother, “then today listen to the story of Adam and Hawwa”.
She began: “Adam was created. All angels bowed down to him as commanded by Allah, but Satan did
not do so.
But Adam was all alone, and he felt like having a companion. So Hawwa was created for Adam.
Adam and Hawwa were sent to heaven and there they lived happily for some time.
Now, Allah had already declared to the angels that Adam was created to act as Vicegerant of Allah on
this earth. But for the time being, Adam and Hawwa were sent to heaven and there they lived happily for
some time. They loved each other and they had everything they wanted.
When Allah had sent them into heaven, He had told them clearly not to go near a certain tree. It was the
Will of Allah that Adam and Hawwa would remain in heaven so long as they did not eat from that tree.
But there was Satan who was the sworn enemy of Adam. He was now more jealous of Adam, because
now Adam had also a companion. And they were both happy in heaven.
Satan was at all times trying to think of some trick to make Adam unhappy.
Once Satan thought of a trick. He went to Hawwa, and told her that the forbidden tree was a tree of life
and if she will eat its fruits she will live forever. Hawwa at first refused to believe him. But then Satan
took oath in the name of Allah that he was telling truth.
Now Adam and Hawwa had never heard anybody taking wrong oath in the name of Allah, and,
therefore, they were deceived.
Thereafter, Hawwa took a fruit from that tree, ate herself, and made Adam eat it.
Anyhow, as they had now eaten from that tree, the time had come to send them on the earth, which was
to be their abode. As a result Adam and Hawwa were both at once sent to live on the earth.
Shamim asked, “Grandma, are we the children of Adam and Hawwa”?
“Yes, we are and so are all the human beings, black, white, red and yellows, all”.
“Is that how we came on this earth?” questioned Shamim.
'Yes”, said Grandmother.

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