Salah ad-Deen al-Ayubi (Part-100)



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Resistance through writing
Resistance through writing was one of the best and most beneficial means of resisting the Shiites. It was very effective in annoying and upsetting them, and it is the reason why they declared war on those who did so. It also had the effect of informing the masses about the truth and establishing the foundations of the Sunnah. These writings were of two types

i) Books which dealt with issues of theology in general, according to the way of the 'People of the Sunnah and the Community'. Among the issues that they discussed was that of the caliphate according to the followers of the Sunnah and the superiority of Abu Bakr, 'Umar, 'Uthman and 'Ali (may Allah be pleased with them), and the legitimacy of the caliphates of the first three, in contrast to the beliefs of the Shiites. A related issue was approval of all the Companions of the Messenger of Allah (MESSENGER (SM) without differentiating between them, and regarding them all asbeing of good character, in contrast to the Shiites, who deemed them all to be unbelievers and evildoers except a few. This type of book was highly effective in informing the people about their religion and spreading the true madh-hab among them, until they began to regard anyone who went against it as being against Islam and outside the main body of Muslims, and to whom was due everything that was due to the unbeliever, namely enmity, fighting, boycotting and so on, in the hope that he might be deterred, and recant and repent.519

ii) Books which were specifically aimed at refuting the Shiites and their beliefs. This type of book ” as previously mentioned -” appeared as the result of particular circumstances which required a reaction from the People of the Sunnah and a specific refutation of falsewould. Among this type of book we may mention two, written by Imam Muhammad ibn Sahnoon, on the topic of the imamate. They are the greatest books that have been written on this topic. 'Eesa ibn Miskeen commented, "Nothing like them has (since) been written on this topic." 520 Imam Ibraheem ibn 'Abdullah az-Zubaydi wrote a book called Al-Imamah ('The Imamate') and another called Ar-Radd 'aid ar-Rdfidah ('The Response to the Heretics'); these two books were the reason why he was tried, imprisoned and beaten by the Fatimid 'Ubaydi state.521

Resistance by the Sunni poets
Alongside the writing of books such as those discussed above, another means of resistance was poetry which lampooned and criticized Banu 'Ubaydah. There were many prominent poets in this field, such as Abul Qasim al-Fazari, who described them and their conduct as follows:

They worshipped their kings and thought that by means of them
they would be saved.
Satan took control of their actions
and showed them their misguidance as guidance.
They turned away from the example
of as-Siddeeq and al-Fdrooq in their rulings;
may they never be safe.
They replaced them with the barking Ibn al-Aswady
Abu Quddrah and the accursed Tameem.
They followed the dogs of Hell and turned away
from those whom Allah made stars.
Are they Jews? Or Christians?
Or atheists who regard the creation as the creator?
Or are they Sabaeans
or a group who worship stars and follow astrology? Or are they
heretics who thought that there will be no punishment or blessing tomorrow?...
O Lord, curse them and inflict upon them great punishment at
the hands of Abu Yazeed.522

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