Noah and the Ugly Dog



You may have read the story of Noah and the Ark. The story you will now read is also about Noah. But,
it is long, long before he built the Ark. Perhaps you also know that Noah lived a very long life. Ordinary
man's life is not more than 100 years. Noah was no ordinary man. He was a Prophet. Noah lived for two
thousand five hundred years.
One day Noah was passing by a lonely road. He saw a dog. The dog was not good to look at. In fact, it
was very, very ugly. The dog was so ugly that Noah did not even like to look at it again. Noah felt
disgusted at the sight of the ugly dog. He said to himself, “Ya Allah! What an ugly dog”!
Immediately, by the will of Allah, the dog began to speak. The dog said to Noah, “Oh Noah, I am ugly. It
is sad, no doubt. But, if you have power, create one even as ugly as myself. Can you?”
Noah was a good man. He was humble and sincere. He realised that he should not have said what he
had said. He began to cry with tears of repentance. He cried begging forgiveness of Allah.
1. Never hate any creature however bad looking it may be.

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