Ali and The Killer



Ali was a great man. He was brave and wise, kind and good. He was a famous soldier. He fought and
won many battles for Islam. He was Caliph of the Muslim world. His rule was just and kind. People loved
him because he was always helpful and kind to the poor.
When Ali became Caliph he went to live in Kufa. Kufa is a city in Iraq. Before he had lived in Madina.
Madina is a city in Hejaz which is nowadays a part of Saudi Arabia.
One early morning Ali went to Mosque of Kufa for prayers. There were some people in the mosque. One
man was sleeping with his face downward. He had a hidden sword under him. His sword was poisoned.
The man pretended to be sleeping. His name was Ibn Muljim.
Ali entered the mosque and began his prayers. While praying he bowed his head to Allah. From the
back came lbn Muljim and with his poisoned sword struck a deadly blow on Ali. Ali fell down bleeding.
Ibn Muljim ran away.
The other people saw this tragedy; they found Ali wounded and bleeding. He was bandaged.
Meanwhile, people outside the mosque saw Ibn Muljim running with a blood red sword in his hand. They
ran after him. After much pursuing they caught him. Ibn Muljim was brought before Ali when Ali was still
in the mosque.
Frightened, Ibn Muljim stood before Ali. His breathing was heavy because of the running. He was also
thirsty, that Ali could see. Then Ali was taken to his house. There was much crying and weeping in
whole Kufa. At this time milk was brought for Ali. He looked at the milk, and said, “Give a glass like this
one to Ibn Muljim also, he is very thirsty.”
The milk was given to the culprit. He gratefully drank and quenched his thirst.
Ali died two days after because of the wound given by Ibn Muljim.
To have mercy upon even your worst enemy is a great noble act.
“The best truth is keeping promises.”
“Better to be dumb than to lie.” - Ali ( Ra )

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