Respect for Work



rophet Muhammad and his companions went on a journey. They travelled by camels. After much
travelling they got tired. On the way they stopped to rest. They decided to make a small camp and cook
their food. So they put their camels comfortably to rest and gave them grass to eat. After that his
companions decided to divide the work among themselves.
One companion said, “I will go and kill the lamb for meat.”
Another companion said, “I will clean the ground around the camp.”
The third companion said, “I will do the cooking.”
Prophet Muhammad said, “I will bring wood for the fire.”
All the companions said with one voice, “No, Sir, we will do that for you.”
The Prophet replied, “I very well know that you all will do that for me. But it is not good for me to sit idle
while you work. I am your companion. I must work as much as you do. Allah does not like any one to
enjoy any superiority over his companions.”
So saying the Prophet went to gather fire wood.
It is not good to sit idle while others work; you should always share the work with your companions.

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