Angel jibrail brought Allah (SWT)'s words to the Prophet Muhammad(SM) (SM) and therefore we call Jihrail the Messenger Angel. There are many other angels and we can read about them in the Quran. 

Each of us has two angels who accompany us. These angels take note of everything we do. They write down our good deeds and our bad deeds. We call these angels the Writing Angels {Kiraamun Katiheen),

There are other angels, too. For example t there is an angel who helps people when they die. This angel brings death, so we call him the Angel of Death Izarael (A)

We cannot see the angels because they are made up of stuff which our eyes cannot see. But all the same s we know that they are there, because Allah (SWT) 3USv has told us so. Sometimes, we can even feel the presence of these angels.

Angels are created by Allah (SWT) just as man and everything else has been created by Him, Angels obey Allah (SWT) and are His servants. They perform many tasks and sustain the world with Allah (SWT) command.

We know when the sun rises and sets' when the clouds move in the sky, when the raindrops fall, when the plants grow and many other things happen in nature, it is Allah (SWT) Who has created them all and Allah (SWT) Who sustains them. Nothing can happen without Allah (SWT) will, In the same way, Allah (SWT) created the angels who obey Him. They carry out His will, and take great care that everything goes according to Allah (SWT) will. They are the obedient servants of Allah (SWT)

Allah (SWT) wanted man to obey Him T to pray to Him and do good deeds. He wanted man to know about Allah (SWT). That is why Angel Jibrail (A)was sent by Allah (SWT) Angel Jibrail(A) told Muhammad(SM) what Allah (SWT) &^MK2 wanted man to do. This was Jibrail's(A) task. Through Angel Jibrail(A), Allah (SWT) had spoken to many prophets before Muhammad(SM) so that man would remember and not forget what Allah (SWT) wants him to do.

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