The Gift (Part-34)



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"Isn't there anything you don't know Miss Melissa?", asked Hidayat who was impressed with Melissa.
Melissa laughed. "I happened to read about it in a paper when I was in KL a few weeks ago. I don't know much about it. And what makes you think I know a lot of things?"
"Well, you're good at this game, you know about Pine College and you're also a good businesswoman".
"And you learned that about me from Imran?", Melissa responded with a laugh.
Hidayat just smiled at Imran. Imran could tell what his brother was doing. He was trying to get Imran interested in Melissa.
They left at about 7 p.m. Melissa invited Imran for another game the coming weekend. Imran said he would call her back.
"She's cool, Imran!", Hidayat commented on their way home.
"Yeah, she's nice", Imran said lamely.

"Do you like her? You told me that you've met her a couple of times before", Hidayat said looking very anxious for Imran's reply.
"She's okay. I can see that you like her a lot", Imran replied in a teasing voice.
"Well, I think she likes you a lot too", Hidayat responded, still trying to make Imran interested in Melissa.

"Am I hearing my little brother trying to be a matchmaker, here?"
"What if I am? You two look very friendly, so...", before he could say further, Imran interrupted him.

"She's a good business colleague. End of story".
"You need to loosen up a bit or else you'll stay like this forever".
"Hey, I'm not complaining. My life is fine, Alhamdulillah! And thank you for your concern little brother", Imran said with a big grin to his brother. Hidayat gave up. He knew it wasn't easy to talk with Imran about relationship.

They were about to leave when Imran 's cell phone rang. It was Iskandar.
"Glad that I could catch you", spoke Iskandar.
"What's up Iskandar? We're leaving now. You want to talk to Hidayat?", Imran responded while checking the time.

"No, we had our goodbye last night. This won't take long. Mr. Reese called yesterday while you were out. Mariam transferred his call to me", explained his brother.

"Yeah...he's not backing out the deal, is he?", Imran asked anxiously.
"No, no. He's still with us. I forgot to tell you that last night. He's in KL right now. He said he can meet you there. I gave him your number. So, you should expect a call from him some time today, In sha Allah".

"Okay, thanks, Is", Imran said with a relief.
"Have a safe trip, In sha Allah".
They left the house at 7.30 a.m. During the journey Hidayat talked about his coming assignment for Daily Pine and the Language Camp. Saleha and Ani just smiled and once in a while laughed at his excitement. Imran just listened. Neither of the women nor Imran mentioned about their meeting with Syakirah and Yasmin. They agreed to keep this from Hidayat. Imran was glad with this decision because he was hoping this meeting would be the first and the last. It was like doing a favor for his mother and Ani. They stopped once for a break. It was almost 1.15 p.m. when they reached Pine College. The meeting was at 3.30 p.m. After leaving Hidayat at the hostel, they went to check in at Hillview Hotel.

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