The Gift (Part-38)



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"I'm afraid I have a plan with my family tonight", Yasmin excused herself. "But I'm sure Miss Syakirah is free". Syakirah felt a knot in her stomach and said to herself,
"I'll get back to you Min on this".

"Uhh...In sya Allah", was all Syakirah could say smilingly....trying not to embarrass Saleha but at the same time trying to save herself from the invitation. She was still trying to hide her disbelief of being addressed as Imran’s fiancee.
"Just call me if you could come. You do have my card with you, right?". Saleha nodded. As Dr. Norman was about to leave, Saleha walked to him.

"Doctor, my son doesn't know about...", Saleha began but was interrupted by Dr. Norman.
"Fine. Don't worry. Patient's record is confidential remember. I addressed you as a friend, didn't I. After all, my wife appreciates your friend's suggestion. She's been to that boutique ever since". They both smiled.

"Thank you...And my salam to your wife. If we're going tonight, my son will know you because your wife knows Ani's friend. And that would be how we met".

"You're welcome and I will, In sya Allah. Hope to see you and your son tonight. Oh...and his fiancee and your friend too. It's almost 4.30. I'd better leave now". They said good bye. As Saleha was walking back to the table, Imran finished his call and walked over to his mother.

"Who was that man, Mom?", he asked Saleha.
"Dr. Norman. His wife is a regular customer at your Aunt Ani's best friend's boutique in KL. We met during one of our visits", Saleha answered abruptly hoping Imran did not suspect anything.

"Wow, Aunt Ani has a good business mind, then", he said with a smile.
"And you too...I thought this was going to be business-free meeting", Saleha finally expressed her displeasure at Imran's phone call.

"I'm sorry mom. Iskandar informed me this morning before we left that this guy is already in KL. We're meeting at 6.00 but I promised you it would be a short one and I'd...".

"Imran...", Saleha interrupted and was upset now. They stopped walking and stood facing each other.
"Please, Mom. I promise I'd make up for this tonight. We'd go out tonight and have dinner...your pick", Imran tried to console his mother. Saleha's face still looked upset but then she thought of Dr. Norman's invitation.
"My pick, huh, Imran", Saleha said, now with a little smile, and Imran nodded. They continued walking.
Meanwhile at the table Ani was trying to explain to Syakirah who was having hard time to swallow the reason why Saleha introduced her t Dr. Norman as Imran's fiancee.

"I'm sorry Syakirah. I'm sure she never meant to make you feel uncomfortable. She must have slipped when she talked to Dr. Norman the last time we saw him", Ani said.

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Sister Nur Taqwa

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