The Gift (Part-43)



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Syakirah went to take some more drinks. Suddenly she heard Imran's voice not far from her. She turned, and their eyes met. She casually walked away. Imran excused himself from the people he was talking to and followed Syakirah. He knew he made the promise but thought to try any way to make amend for his bad manner at the coffee-house.
"Syakirah", he called her.

She turned around and responded, "I thought you gave me your words".
"I'm sorry to break it for a while but I believe the hosts know we're engaged …for now, remember?", he said with a sarcastic grin. Imran continued, "I think it would look awkward if we keep avoiding each other. So, why don’t we be friends for a while?”

Syakirah felt annoyed by his statement but tried to be reasonable considering the surrounding. She nodded in agreement and said, "I guess it won't hurt to pretend. Let's go back to our table".

"Not so fast. Don’t worry, I won't bite you if we stand here for a while", he joked with a grin but Syakirah just smirked. "You're not easy to forgive, aren't you?".

"Keeping your promise will do", she replied.
He grinned and shook his head a little at her words. Then he whispered to himself, "You're a one tough lady, Miss Syakirah".

They walked to their table. Ani and Saleha were talking when they reached the table. Saleha smiled when she saw the two of them.
They left the party at 9.30 telling Dr. Norman they needed a good sleep for the next day driving. Then they drove to Syakirah's place.
"Thank you for the evening", Syakirah said to Saleha.
"You're welcome, dear. I hope we'll meet again...I mean may be the next time when we visit Hidayat", Saleha uttered with a smile.

"Yeah...sure, InshaAllah", was all Syakirah could say. She hoped this was the last time.
"I'm sure Miss Syakirah would be busy" Imran interrupted. Saleha gave him a quick glance and he continued, "It was nice knowing you, Syakirah".

"Same here. Have a safe trip tomorrow, InshaAllah". They said good bye and left.
On the way to the hotel Saleha wanted to ask Imran about Syakirah but decided to wait until they got home the next day. She thought it would give Imran some time to think. After all, she knew Imran would not say anything about it until she had asked him first. The three of them talked about the party instead. When Imran asked Saleha about Dr. Norman, she told him what she had said to Syakirah. Ani went along with her friend.

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