The Gift (Part-44)



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Syakirah was walking to her office after class when a student stopped to talk to her with a salam. "Excuse me Miss Syakirah, but do you have a minute?", Hidayat asked.

Returning his salam Syakirah looked at her watch to check the time because she had an appointment with the Head of the language Center at 10.30. Then she replied, "Sure, Hidayat", and they both continued walking. Syakirah told him she needed to go to her office before her appointment.

"I heard from one of the Language Camp committees yesterday that a meeting is set to be on this Friday. So, I was wondering if you could give me some input about it. I'll be in the meeting too so I want to be well prepared", Hidayat explained.

"Yes, two of the committee members came by my office on Monday. The sub-committees finalized the activities. I guessed they got together during the break", Syakirah said with a smile at the thought of the sub-committees' enthusiasm about the Language Camp.

"Do you know what the activities are?", Hidayat asked.
"Yes. But Mrs. Yasmin and I suggested that they reduce the number of activities. They already submitted the list to the Language Center. I heard the Head doesn't have any problem with the activities except there are too many he said. So, I guess we'll hear from the committees this Friday." They had one week left before the two-day camping.

They reached Syakirah's office. Syakirah glanced at Yasmin's office but it didn't look like she was in. Hidayat followed her into her office. Syakirah filled him in with some of the activities. He thanked her and left.

Syakirah thought, "It's hard to believe that they are brothers. One is reasonable...tolerable and the other....". She heard Yasmin's voice outside her office. She grabbed a file on her table and left her office to see Yasmin?

Yasmin saw Syakirah coming. "Syira, I've tried calling you a couple of times from the Language Center. Where were you this morning?", Yasmin asked her.

"I was in class, Min. Where else? Or have you forgotten I have one on Wednesday morning?, Syakirah replied with a small laugh at her friend.

"Yeah but only one period. I called you after 9 a.m."
"Oh...I had it double period. Remember my make-up class. Today was the last one", Syakirah explained.

Yasmin told her that the Student's Affairs Department gave their decision regarding the request to allow outsiders' visit during the camping. They were not very enthusiastic about it but gave permission for only the students' family members. However, they would not encourage it. Syakirah and Yasmin agreed with the decision. The students were told this camping was strictly for the students. So, they did not really expect outsiders to show up unexpectedly.

Syakirah told her about Hidayat and said she had to go for her appointment. As she was leaving Yasmin asked her, "Any news after that night?", referring to Dr. Norman's thanksgiving party. Syakirah had told her on Monday about what had happened during the party.

Syakirah remembered what she said to herself a few minutes ago after Hidayat had left. "Nothing! Which I think is a good sign. Talk to you later!", Syakirah replied cheerfully and left. Yasmin had a puzzled look on her face.

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