How can you have two loves in your heart!



Zainab was the daughter of Imam Ali bin Abi Talib. She was a sister of Imam Hassan and Imam Hussein
She was present at the battle of Karbala. When her brother Imam Hussein was killed, she was taken
prisoner. She was the spokesman for all the prisoners. She gave an excellent speech. Her speech is
very famous upto now. So is Zainab famous, for her divine virtues which are a beacon of light for all
muslim women.
Once when Zainab was a very young girl she went to her father Ali and said: “'Oh father, do you love
“Certainly, my darling, I do love you”, replied the father.
Again Zainab asked: “Do you also love Allah?”
“Of course, I do love Allah, my child”, replied the father.
Zainab was puzzled with the reply. She asked again:
“Oh father, how it is possible to have two loves in one heart?”
Ali was pleased with the question. He smiled and replied:
“Dear child, I love you because it is Allah's command to love one's children. In loving you I love God.”
Love others for the sake of the command of God

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