Salah ad-Deen al-Ayubi (Part-127)



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The death of al-'Adid 567 AH/1171 CE
Ibn Katheer said: Al-'Adid in Arabic means 'the chopper'. The Messenger of Allah (SAAW) said concerning Makkah: 'Its trees are not to be chopped down (la yu'dad)' i.e., they are not to be cut down, and with him their state was cut off. His name was 'Abd-Allah and his kunyah was Abu Muhammad ibn Yoosuf al-Hafiz ibn Muhammad ibn al-Mustansir ibn adh-Dhahir ibn al-Hakim ibn al-'Azeez ibn al-Mu'izz ibn al-Mansoor ibn al-Qa'im ibn al-Mahdi, and al- Mahdi was the first of their kings. Al-'Adid was born in 546 AH and lived for twenty-one years. His attitude and conduct were bad. He was an evil Shiite and if it had been possible for him to kill everyone he could of Ahl as- Sunnah, he would have done so.656

Muslims rejoicing at the end of the Fatimid state
When news reached the king Noor ad-Deen in Syria, he sent word to the Abbasid caliph with Ibn Abi 'Asroon, telling him of that. Baghdad was decorated, its gates were locked, tents were set up and the Muslims rejoiced greatly, sermons in the name of the Abbasids had ceased in Egypt in 359 AH, during the caliphate of the Abbasid al-Mutee', when the Fatimids took control during the days of the Fatimid caliph al-Mu'izz, the builder of Cairo, until this day, two hundred and eighty years later.657 The poets reacted to this momentous event that had reverberations throughout the world. Al-Imad al- Isfahani said in verse:

Al-'Adid the impostor has died and no man of innovation can open his mouth in Egypt. The age of the pharaoh has ended and its Joseph is now in control of its affairs. The burning coal of the misguided has been extinguished And all the fires of shirk have been put out...65S

Noor ad-Deen Mahmood thought that eliminating the Fatimid state was a strategic step towards putting an end to the Christian (Crusader) presence and Batini influence in Syria. Hence he was keen to restore Egypt to true Islamic rule. He set out the necessary plans, prepared the necessary armies and appointed commanders with the right qualifications, and Allah granted him what he wanted to achieve at the hands of his sincere soldier and trustworthy commander Salah ad-Deen, who implemented the wise policies of Noor ad-Deen. The Muslim Ummah and its leaders had the right to rejoice at this great news of the fall of the Batini state.

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