Imam Hussein And The Beggars



Imam Hussein, son of Imam Ali bin Abi Talib, was a famous Imam (Leader) of Islam. He was a grandson
of Prophet Muhammad. Hussein's mother was Lady Fatima, daughter of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be
on them all.)
Hussein had great love for honesty, truth and justice. He was a man of great courage. He proved his
courage and love of Allah at Karbala. In Karbala he made the greatest sacrifice. His sacrifice for the
sake of Islam at Karbala is world famous. You will learn more about it later on.
Hussein was also very well known for his kindness, charity and love for the poor. He lived in Madina.
Madina is a city in Hijaz (now in Saudi Arabia). One day riding a horse, he passed through one of the
streets of Madina. On one side of the street some beggars had gathered in a circle. They were eating
food that they had begged during the day. The beggars saw Hussein passing. They saluted him.
Hussein replied cheerfully. The beggars invited Hussein to join them and eat with them. Hussein came
down from his horse and sat with them. He very politely explained to the beggars that he was from the
house of Muhammad, the Prophet. Therefore, it was forbidden to him to take anything that has been
given in alms (sadqah). Had not alms been forbidden to him he would most willingly have shared their
As an alternative, so that they all could sit and eat together, Hussein invited all of them to his house and
eat with him there. All the beggars agreed. They went along with Hussein to his house and took food
with him.
1. One should always behave with kindness and love for others - particularly the poor.
2. Not to hurt but always try to respect the lawful wishes of others is a sign of noble character.

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