Keeping One's Dignity



Mufazzal lbn Quais was a good and pious man. He was very poor. He had borrowed some money from
friends. He could not repay them. Therefore he always remained worried. He wanted to find a way that
he could be free from debts.
Once he went to the great Imam Ja'far al-Sadiq. In the presence of the Imam he complained about his
creditors and began telling a list of his problems. In the end he said he was poor. He did not know how
to overcome poverty. He requested Imam Ja'far al-Sadiq to pray for his welfare.
On hearing the sad story of a worried man the Imam promptly ordered his servant to bring a purse of
money. When the servant brought the money it was given to Mufazzal. Imam said that the purse
contained four hundred dinars which would help him to solve his problem of poverty.
Mufazzal was ashamed to accept the generosity. He said that he has not come with the aim of seeking
assistance from the Imam, but only for his blessings and prayer.
Imam Ja'far al-Sadiq replied, “Mufazzal, I shall also pray for you. More than that, I will ask you never to
speak out your hardship to others. If you do so, the first impression people get of you is that you are not
good enough to earn bread for yourself and your family. Thus you lower your position in the eyes of
others and also loose your dignity.”
Mufazzal went away from the Imam grateful for the help and good advice.

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