Try and Try Again and Again



Timur! Amir Timur was a great Mongolian King. He was one of the bravest and greatest warriors. He had conquered nearly half of the world known at that time. His courage was great. He learnt from an ant not to loose courage. He tells his own story.
Once he was fighting a battle. He was defeated. He had to run away to the mountains to save his life. He hid himself in a safe place. Tired and hungry he sat at one place quietly watching little things around him. He noticed an ant working. The ant was carrying a grain of rice much bigger than itself. With this load the ant tried to climb up a wall. The grain fell down. The ant came down and lifted the grain once again. It started to climb the wall. Again the grain fell down and again it went down to try. The ant did not loose courage. It tried again and again. The King tells us that the ant tried thirty three times until it succeeded in taking the grain up the wall. The King learnt a lesson. Man looses courage. He was weak. He must grow strong.
So heartened, he went about collecting his run-away soldiers and officers. He rebuilt his army. He fought yet another battle. He won. Thereafter, one success after another came to him. He had learnt not to loose courage. He continued to battle until he became a great King.
Constant effort is the key to success. Ants know their lesson. Men have to learn. Never loose courage.
Islam teaches true values of life. It teaches human beings not to despair. Each one must try harder and achieve greater results in life.
The Qur'an teaches:
“And that there is nothing for man except what he tried, His efforts shall be seen. And rewarded to fullest extent.” (Sura An-Najm 53:39-41)

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