Salah ad-Deen al-Ayubi (Part-132)



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The poet 'Amarah ibn 'Ali al-Yamani
Adh-Dhahabi said concerning him that (his name was) Abu Muhammad 'Amarah ibn 'Ali ibn Zaydan al-Hakami al-Madhhaji al-Yamani ash-Shafi'i al-Fardi, the poet and author of the famous Diwdn. He was born in 515 AH and studied Islam in Zubayd for a while. He performed Hajj in 549 AH, and the emir of Makkah, Qasim ibn Faleetah, sent him as a messenger to al-Fa'iz in Egypt, whom he praised in verse. He had a clear and strong belief in Abu Bakr and 'Umar, and 'Amarah narrated that Salih ibn Ruzayk debated with him and said, "What do you believe concerning Abu Bakr and 'Umar?" 'Amarah said, "I believe that were it not for them, there would be no Islam for us and for you, and that loving them is obligatory," and he laughed. He was kind and smart, and learned from the Sunni scholars. Adh-Dhahabi said, "This is a sign of patience on Salih's part, despite the fact that he was a Shiite."690

Ibn Wasil said concerning the reason for 'Amarah al-Yamani's loyalty to the Fatimids:

'Amarah ibn 'Ali al-Yamani was fanatically devoted to them, because he came to them from Yemen and they treated him well and gave him many gifts. So he never forgot that and tried to repay them. As they say, man is beholden to good treatment. He did not follow their madh-hab; rather he was a Shafi'i and Sunni. When their state ended, he eulogized them in the best poetry and defended them verbally, because he was not able to defend them physically. Then when a group took action in an attempt to restore them, he was one of the people who helped that effort, out of gratitude to them for their kind treatment. That led to him being hanged.691

'” As we have seen above. 'Amarah mentioned his inclination towards the Fatimids in an ode in which he said:

Their generous deeds were like those of the Sunnis, even though they differed from me by holding Shiite beliefs.692

Adh-Dhahabi commented on this poetry, saying: "Would that it had only been Shiism; rather would that it had been only Rafidism. Rather his attitude was one of utter heresy."693 'Amarah said, eulogized the Fatimids and al-'Adid:

I grieve for the time of Imam al- 'Adid
as the barren woman grieves
for the death of her only child.
I sat with his viziers and accompanied his emirs,
those who deserve eternal praise.
I feel sorry for the rooms of your palace which are now devoid, O son of the
(Messenger (Sm), of the crowds of delegates. And for your separation
from your troops who were like the waves on the calm sea...694

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