Salah ad-Deen al-Ayubi (Part-133)



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I am astonished by 'Amarah al-Yamani's eulogy for the Fatimids and his nostalgia for their innovations, festivals and palaces, his challenge to the new Sunni state in Egypt and his defence of the Fatimids and their lies and false claims to be descended from the (Messenger (Sm) . Does love for the transient conveniences of this world do to sound belief what it did to 'Amarah al-Yamani? Do gifts, status and position make a man give up his sound belief and weep for the demise of the Rafidi, Shiite Fatimid state and get involved with a conspiracy against the Islamic mission to resist the Crusaders in the Muslim lands? This is incomprehensible.

The siege of Alexandria
The people of Alexandria played a role in the success of the Sunni venture in Egypt and defended Salah ad-Deen when he was besieged there. They defended the city with outstanding bravery and unparalleled courage. The Muslims of Egypt in general and of Alexandria in particular were forever in the trenches, defending the issues of Islam, then as now. They have intellectual and material resources, prolific pens and sound character, which made them stand alongside those who confronted the Batini, Rafidi Shiite venture and the western, American venture of today. The Egyptians in the past resisted the Batini Shiite influence and Crusader attacks, and cooperated with their Sunni brethren, intellectually, ideologically, politically and economically, as well as through the media of the era, until they put an end to the Batini, Shiite venture. Hence we find that the Rafidi Shiite writers hate Egypt and say of its people things like,

"The people of Egypt were cursed on the lips of (the (Messenger (Sm)) Dawood (peace be upon him), so Allah made monkeys and pigs of the people of Egypt,"695 and, "When Allah was angry with the Children of Israel, He sent them to Egypt, and when He was pleased with them He brought them out and sent them elsewhere."696 They also said, "What a bad land Egypt is; it was a prison for those of the Children of Israel with whom Allah was angry,"697 and, "Avoid Egypt and do not seek to stay there, because it turns a man into a cuckold."698

They have a number of reports which condemn Egypt and slander its people, and warn against staying there; they attributed these reports to the Messenger of Allah (Sm) and to Muhammad al-Baqir and 'Ali al-Baqir.

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