150 Ways To Be Dutiful To Your Mother (Part-9)



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77. In some societies women like to be referred to as “mother of any name of her grandchildren" ex. Mother of Mohammed or Nassere.c.t;  but due to the fact that she doesn't want to interfere into her son's business, she usually doesn't want to show that ; so, honor her with giving her what she desires .
78. When she and your family go in your car, give her the priority of sitting her first and the on the most comfortable position. When you get in and out, make sure that she is before you unless the matter requires that.
79. Don’t speak rudely, roughly or in a way that does not compliment her high status. Use the most beautiful words with her.
80. Make a contest between children on who presents the  best gift to their mother, which enhances her status in their hearts and motivate them to perform good deeds.
81. You should try constantly to seek the accepted supplications time such as the last third of night, Friday and during prostration, then pray for her.
82. Inform your mother about how the guests are happy about what she offered them in the banquets or any kind of invitation, because it refreshes her.
83. The time dedicated to her should be enough and no matter what you should spend it with her without any interruption on account of phone calls, reading newspaper or magazines.

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