Salah ad-Deen al-Ayubi (Part-137)



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Erasing the Fatimid symbols and currency
As well as erasing the Fatimid symbols in Egypt, use of Fatimid currency was also abolished, especially since it bore inscriptions of Fatimid beliefs which supported their claim to the caliphate such as, "There is no god but Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah (Sm),4 Ali is the close friend of Allah," and it also bore the names of Fatimid caliphs. Some of it was commemorative coins which were distributed on special occasions and sectarian Shiite festivals to those who were close to the court, to attract them to the state madh-hab.731

Isolating members of the Fatimid dynasty
Sultan Salah ad-Deen kept the family and children of al-'Adid in a place outside the palace which he allocated exclusively to them. He gave them enough supplies to suffice them and put Qaraqoosh al-Khadim in charge of them. He separated the men and women so as to hasten their demise.732 In accordance with smart policy and the natural conduct of kings, the Ayubids kept tabs on all members of the Fatimid dynasty, lest there emerge among their preachers those behind whom their supporters would rally and seek to restore their

Weakening the Fatimid capital
After the Ayubids moved the seat of power in Egypt to the fort of al-Jabal, which was dictated by far-sighted military reasons aimed at fortifying Egypt against Frankish attacks, they made the most of this opportunity to bring low the city of Cairo, the Fatimid capital, which throughout the life of their state had been a royal city where only the caliphs, troops, prominent figures and court officials lived, as well as being a military fortress at the same time; most of the Egyptians lived in the city of al- Fustat.734 Al-Maqreezi commented on the abasement of the Fatimid capital by saying: Cairo became a residential city after it had been a mighty fortress and the seat of a caliphate where refuge was sought. It became humiliated after being glorified; it was brought low after being respected. This is what happens with kings; they always erase the legacy of those who came before them and erase the memories of their enemies.735 But what Salah ad-Deen did was for the sake of Allah and in support of His religion.

The Fatimids' false claim of descent from the (Messenger (Sm)
As well as destroying the Fatimid legacy, the Ayubids also revived the issue of the Fatimids' false claim of descent from the (Messenger (Sm) by highlighting the fact that the Fatimids were descended from a Jewish or Magian lineage, and the Ayubids continued to expose the false basis on which the Fatimid caliphate claimed legitimacy. The prominent scholars, such as Ibn Khallikan, Ibn Abi Shamah (al- Maqdisi), Ibn Wasil and others, undertook praiseworthy efforts to expose them, and they gave the Fatimids the name of Banu 'Ubayd, to reflect the fact that they were descended from 'Ubayd-Allah ibn Maymoon al-Qaddah al- Majoosi. Indeed, Ibn Abi Shamah wrote in his books about this issue, in which he proved the falseness of the Fatimids' lineage.736 In his book ar- Rawdatayn, Ibn Abi Shamah al-Maqdisi devoted many pages to proving false their claim to be descendents of the (Messenger (Sm).737

Pursuit of the remnants of Shiism in Syria and Yemen
little, until the people began to follow the madh-hab of Ahl as-Sunnah wal- Jama'ah.738

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