Salah ad-Deen al-Ayubi (Part-142)



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1- Al-'Imad al-Isfahani said: Salah ad-Deen did not disobey Noor ad- Deen. He worked for him as one who is capable and sincere, and he based all his decisions on the well-founded advice of Noor ad-Deen.769

2- Abu Shamah refuted Ibn al-Atheer's accusations against Salah ad- Deen with regard to his disobedience towards Noor ad-Deen. In Abu Shamah's view, Noor ad-Deen never criticized Salah ad-Deen for extravagance in spending and disposing of wealth as he saw fit, without consulting him.770 Abu Shamah supported his view with a document that he himself saw, written in Noor ad-Deen's hand and addressed to the qadi Sharaf ad-Deen ibn Abi 'Asroon, who was appointed as Noor ad-Deen's qadi in Syria and then as Salah ad- Deen's qadi in Egypt. This letter expressed his deep admiration for what Salah ad-Deen had done in support of the Sunni madh-hab in Egypt, and for his putting an end to the Fatimid caliphate and the Shiite madh-hab, and he asked Abu 'Asroon to support Salah ad-Deen with regard to this serious matter.771

3- In fact all the decisive steps that Salah ad-Deen took to bring about the fall of the Fatimid state in Egypt and put an end to the Ismaili madh-hab there were carried out on direct orders from Noor ad-Deen. That was not done until Najm ad-Deen Ayub, the father of Salah ad-Deen, arrived in Egypt, sent by Noor ad-Deen to supervise and help his son to put an end to the Ismaili Shiite madh-hab.772 Nothing is more indicative of Salah ad-Deen's complete obedience to Noor ad-Deen and his being Noor ad-Deen's representative in Egypt than the fact that sermons were given from the minbar in Noor ad-Deen's name.

4- Throughout the Fatimid state whilst he (Salah ad-Deen) was the vizier of the Fatimid caliph al-'Adid.773 After the sermons began to be given in the name of the Abbasids, sermons in Egypt contained prayers for Noor ad-Deen after the caliph, and currency was minted in the name of al-Mustadi' bi Amr-Illah and in the name of al-Malik al-'Adil Noor ad-Deen. Their names were engraved on either side of each coin.77

5- The coming of Ibn al-Qaysarani, the vizier of Noor ad-Deen, to Egypt in 568-569 AH to examine the land and check the financial situation in order to determine the annual payment that Salah ad-Deen should make to Noor ad-Deen was something natural which confirmed that Noor ad-Deen had authority over Egypt.775

6- The Abbasid caliphate realized this essential fact and clearly distinguished between the cloaks and gifts given by the caliph to Noor ad- Deen and those given by the caliph to Salah ad-Deen; the gifts given to Salah ad-Deen were smaller than those given to Noor ad-Deen, when Noor ad- Deen was given two swords as an indication of the authority that he was given over Syria and Egypt. At the same time, Noor ad-Deen also sent cloaks and gifts from Syria to Salah ad-Deen and his family and commanders in Egypt 776, as confirmation of his direct authority over him.

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