In the Company of the Caliph



When ‘Ali (as) was coming to Kufa, he entered the city of Anbar populated by Iranians. The Iranian
farmers were very happy to see their beloved caliph passing through their town. They came to his visit.
When it was time for ‘Ali (as) to leave, they started running infront of his horse. ‘Ali (as) inquired about
this behaviour.
“This is one way that we extend respect to our leaders and respectful individuals. This is our custom that
has been practiced for years.”
“This behaviour puts you in discomfort in this world, and brings about humiliation in the next world.
Always stay away from practices that humiliate you. After all what benifit is their in such a practice to the

Anecdotes of Pious Men by Murtadha Mutahhari

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