A Surprise for Umm-e-Khalid



It was a great day for Umm-e-Khalid when her father told her that he was going to take her to see the great Prophet Muhammad (SM). Umm- e-Khalid was very excited and she put on her best clothes for the great occasion. But even greater thrills awaited the little girl.

When the Prophet (SM)  saw her, he thought she was a delightful child and he told her so.
You are a good girl he said and before long, Umm-e-Khalid was sitting close to the Prophet Muhammad(SM) talking to him and playing games with him.

Umm-e-Khalid's father was both pleased and angry. He was pleased because his little daughter had found favour in the Prophet's eyes. But he was angry because he knew that the Prophet (SM) had many important things to do, and many important people to see, Umm-e-Khalid he thought was wasting the great man's time.

He said so but the Prophet (SM) did not agree with him. The Prophet (SM) told the father that he should let his daughter stay and go on playing with him. Playing with little children and talking to them was just as important to the Prophet as the other work he had to do.

Of course the time came at last when Umm-e-Khalid had to go home. But the Prophet (SM) did not forget her, and one day soon afterwards he took an opportunity to give her a present.

Some friends came to the Prophet (SM) with a gift of clothes for him. The Prophet looked at the clothes one by one, and came across a lovely shawl. It was beautifully made.

To whom shall I give this beautiful shawl? The Prophet (SM) said to the people who were with him. No one said anything They all thought how marvelous it woud be to have such a lovely gift, and all of them wanted it. But they did not think it was polite to say so. They thought it might sound as if they were greedy and as they knew, the Prophet (SM) had always taught them to avoid greed. In any case the Prophet (SM) already knew who would receive the shawl.

"Bring little Umm-e-Khalid to me t " he said. "I shall give it to her," Some of the Muslims in the crowd went to Umm-e-Khalid's house to fetch her. Of course the Hale girl became excited when she heard that the Prophet (SM) had asked her to see him and she jumped and skipped with joy until she reached the place where the Prophet (SM) was waiting,

Umm-e-Khalid nearly burst with joy when the Prophet Muhammad (SM) gave her the shawl There were some lovely flowers printed on it and the Prophet Muhammad(SM)  pointed to them.

"Look how beautiful these flowers are," he told Umm Khalid.

Little Umm-e-Khalid had never known such joy. She loved the shawl at first sight, and straight away wrapped it around her shoulders.

There is nothing more beautiful than this shawl in the whole world, she thought to herself, It is beautiful not only for its own sake hut because the Prophet (SM) has honored me with this great gift.

No wonder little Umm-e-Khalid felt she was a very important little girL.

(Sahih Bukhari, Al-Jihad Hadith no. 3071)

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