The Prophet (S) and Education



In the Name Of Allah the Beneficent, The Merciful
The mosque of Medina was not only a place of worship. The believers assembled here to learn. When
the Holy Prophet (S) was present they heard his words of wisdom, his elucidation on the verses of the
Holy Quran and benefitted from his counsel. And when he (S) was not present, other faithful companions
taught what they had heard from the Prophet of Allah.
Once the Prophet (S) entered the Mosque before the prayer time. He found two groups in the Mosque.
One group was busy with its own act of worship, some were reading the Quran while the others were
supplicating. The other group was in a corner busy learning. They learnt how to read and write and
discussed the teachings of Islam and their application to their daily lives.
Looking at both, the Prophet (S) said:
“They are both engaged in useful pursuits. But I am a teacher. I shall join the group assembled to learn.”
And so he (S) sat with the group of students.
Tuhaful Uqool - Abu Muhammad Al Harrani
Biharul Anwar - Allamah Majlisi
Al Amthalun Nabawiyyah - Muhammad Al Gharawi
Dastan e Rastan - Allamah Murtadha Mutahhari

A Compilation of some events in the book “Unto Thee I Grant .....”

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