The Gift



Whenever they reaped their first harvest, they brought early, fresh fruits to the Prophet, peace be upon
him. Then he would distribute them among those who sat around him. This morning, a poor man brought
one fruit from his small farm and gave it to the Prophet, peace be upon him.
He accepted the gift, tasted it and then went on eating it alone while the companions watched. One of
those present meekly said: O Prophet of Allah, you have over looked the right of those who watch while
you eat?
The Prophet, peace be upon him, smiled and waited till the man who had brought the fruit had gone. He
I tasted the fruit and it was not yet ripe. Had I allowed you to have some of it, someone would have
definitely shown his distaste, thus disappointing the poor man who had brought the gift. Rather than
make him feel bitter, my palate accepted the bitterness.

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