Hell-A Vision from within (Part-12)



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Moreover, the aim of applying, and accepting the application of religious punishments is, in itself worshipping of Allah, His Almighty through accepting His orders, and avoiding whatever He orders us to stay away from. Also, abstaining from what Allah, His Almighty has consecrated as forbidden, and practicing only what Allah, His Almighty, has allowed is worshipping. Allah has forbidden usury, but allowed trade. A merchant could earn 1000%, while a usurer could make only 0.1%. Yet the fact remains, that trade is allowed, but usury is forbidden. Another example is that a woman is ordered not to mourn over a dead person for more than three days, regardless of how dear or close that person is to her, such as her son, her brother, or her father. However, she should mourn her husband for four months and ten days

There must be a higher wisdom and reason for every divine order and consecration, which we could be informed of, lead to, or be hidden from us. The human being should listen and obey in all conditions. However, if a person depends on his perception, understanding, and knowledge of the purpose for any order, Then this person cannot be a true worshiper of Allah. Moreover, if such a person refuses a divine consecration, thinking that it is illogical, unreasonable, and cannot be comprehended by the human perception, then this person is an atheist and a blasphemer. His blasphemy would be of Satan's kind, whose only crime was refusing a divine order due to blasphemy, arrogance, and pride

The overall concept of the meaning of guilt
When a slave realizes his god as He should be realized; as his creator, the One providing him with all his necessities, taking care of all of the slave's needs, the One and Only who can really hurt or please him, who knows every matter that the creature declares to people, or keeps as a secret from them, the One who created him in a certain moment, and knows exactly the moment of his death, and the One that a creature cannot live without His help for a single second, then this creature is totally aware that it is Allah's rights, neither should he deny them. Any moment of negligence, or forgetfulness in remembering Allah is a sin, not appreciating and thanking Allah for one of His bountiful gifts is a sin, and violating Allah's laws, no matter how small or great this violation is, is a sin. For Allah has ordered His creatures to fear Him, as He should be feared, since He is The God, The Deity, The One who is aware of every single soul's deeds. Allah, His Almighty says

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