The Rose Sent to Caliph Harun- ur-Rashid



There is a story that Charlemagne sent a most perfect rose as a gift to the Caliph Harun-ur-Rashid. He gave it to his gardener and told him en plant it with great care and as soon as the first rose came from it to bring it to him. The gardener carefully planted the rose in a beautiful part of the garden.

The next day a crow came and ate the rose. Trembling, the gardener told the news to Harun-ur-Rashid. He told the gardener not to worry for the punishment of the crow will be the same as that of the rose.

A few days later a snake came upon the crow and killed him. The gardener told the news to the Caliph who again told him that the fate of the snake will be the same as that of the crow.

The next day the gardener was working in the garden when he spotted the snake, He picked up an axe and killed the snake. The Caliph told him that his fate would be the same.

As it happened the gardener did something wrong and was thrown in jail. The day he was to be hanged, he requested to see Harun-ur-Rashid,

He reminded the Caliph of the rose, the crow and the snake and said that if the Caliph would show forgiveness toward him, then he would save himself from a similar fate.

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