The Gift (Part-54)



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Imran shrugged his shoulders. Umar just smiled at him.
"Now that you've seen more of what she's really like, you're still saying she's just okay. Is that true?", Umar asked Imran.

"What do you want me to say?", Imran answered with a question. He didn't want to delve into this issue. It wouldn't make a difference to him which woman Umar was referring to. He started to feel like he might find out something he would not want to face. It would make him look into his feeling. He felt like dishonoring the memory of Kaira.

"Look, Imran. What I see here is you have two nice women. One whom you like and the other whom your Mom thinks is good for you. So, make your move. Who knows may be the time has finally come for you to settle down, my friend!".

They drove in silence for a while. Umar thought he would let Imran digest what he had just said. Then, as they were approaching the Sports Center, he changed the subject. After they both got out from the car, Imran stopped Umar.

"Umar, thanks". He knew his friend cared about him but he still wasn't sure what he needed to do about the whole thing. He decided to let it be as it was for a while. He would follow the flow as it went by.
"Anytime, pal!", Umar responded hoping that Imran would now start to think seriously about what they had talked in the car.

Imran had lunch with Dato’ Annuar and Melissa after a business meeting during that week. Then, on the weekend Imran and Saleha were invited to Dato' Annuar's house for dinner. Melissa said it was a thanksgiving treat because she completed a project she had been working on. She also owed it to Imran who had helped her with some business matters.

Saleha was waiting for the right time to ask Imran about Melissa when Imran spoke to her first. He knew his mother wanted to talk to him about Melissa especially after the dinner at Dato' Annuar's place. He told Saleha that he and Melissa were just friends. Saleha could tell he was telling the truth. In a way she was glad because her son had not chosen Melissa after all. May be she still had hope for Imran and Syakirah. But that did not make her too happy either. She called Ani and told her friend about it.

"May be I would never get the chance to see him married. He doesn't like Syakirah and he doesn't seem interested in pursuing a relationship with Melissa either", Saleha expressed her worry and disppointment.

"Sal, are you saying that now you wouldn't mind if he chose Melissa?".
"May be...I don't know. What I know is I want to leave this world knowing that he has someone to look after him. And right now it doesn't seem like it's going to happen any time soon".

Ani hated to hear her friend sounded worried and depressed. But she didn't know what to do to help her out. She remembered her coming trip to K.L. May be Saleha would like to go with her. It would take her mind of thinking about Imran’s future for a while. They could visit Hidayat too.

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