The Gift (Part-59)



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"So, she asked for you? But why? Why you? It's not like she was dying. And where are her children? She could have asked for Hidayat and yet she chose you. She sure really likes you and wishes for you and Imran to be a couple. That much I could tell", Yasmin said with a teasing smile.

"Not gonna happen, okay, Min...In sha Allah. Any way I've promised her that I'd come again tomorrow, In sha Allah".
"Do you want me to come with you, Syira?"
"No. I'll be okay by myself. At least now I know the truth and I'm not going to see them with my eyes closed".

Imran was in the study room when Saleha gave him a call. She and Ani would come home the next day instead.

"I was having a meeting when you called. I got worried when the message said you were not coming back today", Imran told his mother.

Saleha had called him earlier, a few hours after Syakirah had left the hospital. She had told Imran's secretary that she would be calling him again at home that night. "Nothing to worry, dear. I hope we have time to see Hidayat tomorrow".

"So, you haven't been to the college, yet?", Imran asked.
"Not yet. May be tomorrow after your Aunt gets everything done. If not, I'd give him a call. He'd be disappointed but he sure will understand, In sha Allah. Any way there's always next time, In sha Allah… when your Aunt has to go to K.L", Saleha explained. Imran didn't seem to suspect anything. They talked a little bit more before saying good night.

After the call, Imran was about to resume his work when a thought crossed his mind. Then he said to himself, "No, can't be". Could his mother be planning to meet Syakirah again? He remembered his mother did not say much when he told her about himself and Melissa. Could his mother be thinking that she could get him to meet Syakirah again since he was not involved with Melissa? With that thought, he opened the drawer and took out Kaira's picture.

"What am I going to do now, Kaira? Everyone is telling me I should move on with my life...and I have. But they said I need to find someone. I already did. It was you. I've moved on with you in my life. They may not see you with me but you were, are and always will be. Isn't that enough already? I don't feel like I'm missing anything as long as I have you", Imran talked to the picture. He still missed her a lot. As he was staring at the picture, he remembered seeing Syakirah for the first time at the Hillview. There was something about Syakirah that irritated him that day as he looked at Kaira's picture. Then slowly he said to himself, "…the white hijab!".

The next day, Syakirah left the college at 11.15 a.m. She arrived at Saleha's room as Dr. Norman was just leaving. The doctor greeted her and she approached the two ladies.

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Sister Nur Taqwa

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