Hell-A Vision from within (Part-43)



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The psychological torture is even severer than the physical torture
The torture of the people of Hell is not only physical. They will be punished physically with fire that actually cooks their skins, and then those skins are instantly replaced. The fire will burn their chests, all the way deep inside reaching for their hearts. Allah, His Almighty, says meaning that its flames reach deep all the way to the heart, and its burning stones are placed on a person's nipple, so they burn their way, through the punished body, until they come out from his back, and they are placed on his back until they come out from his chest. Prophet Muhammad, Allah's peace and blessings be upon him, said: "Deliver the good news to the treasurers that they will be punished with plates, that will be heated in the fire of Hell and placed on the nipple of one of them until it burns its way to the scapula of his shoulders, and placed on the scapula of his shoulders until they burn their way to his nipples, shaking in agony." [222]

Other types of physical torture yet are drinking Hameem, eating Zaq'oom, and being bitten by snakes as large as mules, that come out from caves in Hell, and whose poison run down the tortured bodies like fire, or even worse. However, this painful torture is not the only type of torture for the people of Hell, for their psychological torture is as much as the physical, yet even worse, such as

A. The Angels' Endless Blame The everlasting blame from the guards of Hell, as in the following

B. The Angels' Carelessness and Negligence of the Sinners Hell's angels' negligence of the tortured people's screams, cries, and begging, and their carelessness of the situation of those tortured people is a torture in itself. In fact the angels increase the torture the more those punished people scream for help. Allah, His Almighty, says, in the Holly Qu'ran Allah, His Almighty, also says in another Surat

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