Hell-A Vision from within (Part-50)



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My God, my Allah, I pray to You praising all your attributes, and high qualities, names, and descriptions. I pray to You to help me hold on to my belief in you until I meet You, to make the last days of my life the best day, and to make my best deeds the final ones. My Allah, I ask Your kindness to make my end, and the end of my brothers a happy end, and fasten our hearts upon faith in You, and do not allow them to go astray after you have showed us the right path

A believer will always be afraid of the changes that go on within his heart. After all why was it called a heart but because of its changes? [257] Prophet Muhammad, Allah's peace and blessings be upon him, whose faith and belief was as steady as a motionless mountain, who is Allah's best creatures, and worshipers, non-negotiable, used to say: "O, You are the shifter of hearts, fasten my heart on your religion." [258] Abd-Allah Ibn Masa'ood narrated also that of prophet Muhammad's, Allah's peace and blessings be upon him, most swearing was "No, by the shifter of hearts." [259]

Therefore, how would others or I guess the end? We are living the age that the Prophet, Allah's peace and blessings be upon him, urged to: "Conquer with good deeds, tests as dark as the night. A man is a believer at night, and in the morning he becomes a non believer. A believer in the morning, and becomes a non-believer at night. A person sells his religion for a meager earthly gain." [260] Does a believer suffer the agony and pains of death

Death is a d readful moment, that everybody fears, and hates, the believer, and the non believer. There is no escape from it, for it is a must for everyone, along with the pulling off of the soul, and the pains. Everyone has to taste it, a believer or a non believer. Allah, His Almighty, says His Almighty Also says: [263 ] A believer does not suffer of death pains but a little; however, death struggle is the non believer's first torture

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