Hazrat Musa and Hazrat Haroon (A) (Part-10)



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Musa (A) as Messenger
It is Allah's great favour that Musa (A) went to fetch fire and there he found prophet hood and became a Messenger.

Musa (A) saw something wonderful about the fire. Light was shining upon a bush but the fire did neither bum the trees nor was the fire extinguished. Seeing this he went nearer, but the nearer he came the further the fire went away.  

Musa (A) started feeling fear in himself and wanted to return from there. As he was about to return, the fire came nearer and he heard a voice saying to him:  "O Musa (A) , I am Allah, creator of the Universe.  

"When Musa (A) came near to the fire it was called out, O Musa (A) , I am your Lord. Take off your shoes. You are standing in the sacred valley of Tuwa and behold, I have chosen you to be my Messenger. So listen to what is revealed tO you."

When Musa (A) heard this voice from Allah's side and he realized that at that moment he was favourd with great spiritual wealth which is the highest rank of superiority to which any human could reach and also realized that this was Allah's final sign of love towards him. He was astonished and remained silent until the voice again started, asking him:

"What is that in your right hand?"

Musa (A) replied:
"It is my staff, on which I lean and with which during my flock-herding, I cut off grass and leaves for the sheep.
Then Allah said: "Throw it down, O Musa (A) !"

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